Course withdrawal | St. Lawrence University Advising Toolkit

Course withdrawal

While at St. Lawrence, students are permitted two times to withdraw from a course. Unlike with an add/drop (available during the first seven days of the semester), the course remains on the student's transcript, with a “W” in lieu of a grade. Students may not withdraw from FYP or FYS.

It must be approved by the course instructor and the student's academic advisor. The deadline to withdraw from a course is the end of the tenth week of classes for a regular semester course or end of the third week for a summer course.

Once the withdrawal deadline has passed, it is only possible to withdraw from a class with the approval of the Academic Petitions Committee. The petition must explain why the student was unable to submit the withdrawal request by the deadline.

For the complete policy, please see the "Withdrawal from a course" section of the most current University Catalog.

Students should contact the Student Financial Services office (315-229-5581) to determine if withdrawing from a course will jeopardize a New York State grant or scholarship.


The withdrawal form is available from the Registrar's office (Vilas 117), the Academic Advising lobby in Madill, and online here.