Music Library

The Music Library is open Mondays through Thursdays, 4-11pm, and Sundays, 2-11pm. If you prefer instead to request a recording, score, or other item from the Music Library, fill out this request form. It will be on hold for you at the ODY Service Desk by 5pm the next weekday (except as noted in the circulation policy, below). 


We are located inside the Arts Annex theme house for the performing arts at 21 Romoda Drive.  All students, faculty, and staff have access to the front door during library hours.


Our mission is to support the educational, research, and performance needs of the Music Department as well as the liberal arts curriculum of the entire college community.


The collection of the Music Library consists primarily of sound recordings, video recordings, scores for study and performance, and collected works of select major composers. We have approximately 3,000 sound recordings, 600 video recordings of music and dance, 2,800 scores, and 150 books. The Music Library also contains a small reference area as well as a space for course reserves. Books and periodicals about music, musicians, composers, reference sources, and indexes are housed in the Owen D. Young Library; the video collection there also contains some films about music.

Circulation Policy

The CD, DVD, and videocassette collections circulate for three days to students and seven days to faculty and staff. LPs may be requested by faculty, staff, or students, and will be held for the user at the Newell Center for Arts Technology (NC 003), where a playback station is available. Music scores circulate for one semester to faculty/staff and six weeks to students. The exceptions are the collected works (the scores with M2 and M3 classification) which only circulate to music faculty. Materials in the reference area as well as items on the course reserve shelves are designated for library use only.


The music library has equipment for the playback of LPs, audio cassettes, videocassettes, CDs, DVDs, and BluRays, as well as an overhead projector, a digital piano, and a printer. There are two Macintosh workstations available for general patron use. Available software includes Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Max, Qlab, and Sibelius.