Wind Ensemble

Come join us again this fall for music-making in the Wind Ensemble. While we kept going last year with both remote performance and a small in-person group, we’re now welcoming our St. Lawrence faculty & staff and community members back. Together, let’s meet these goals: 

  1. Play music that connects us to each other and to the wider community, and that has artistic merit, personal meaning for our members, or both! 

  2. Have SLU students be the majority of our membership. We got there—just barely, just before we stopped regular rehearsals. 

  3. Feel “at home” in the ensemble—a place for you to recharge, relax, be energized and empowered...sometimes all at once. 

Our last Wind Ensemble program, in spring 2020, was going to be a very diverse one that meant a lot to our members: 

  • Conversations by Black American composer Chandler Wilson. The piece is based on the idea of conversations that are needed for society to progressively move forward, most profoundly in the areas of racial issues and equality

  • Spring Festival by Chen Yi, a Chinese-American composer with whom I had a chance to discuss her music

  • Star Trek Symphonic Suite by Michael Giacchino, arranged by Bocook

  • One Life Beautiful by LGBTQ American composer Julie Giroux, dedicated to the late beloved Reverend Kathleen Buckley 

  • Desert Land by Japanese composer Wataru Hokoyama 

  • West Side Story medley by LGBTQ American composer Leonard Bernstein.

What will we play this semester? Send me your ideas! 

Rehearsals (starting Tuesday, August 31)

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-6pm, in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall

Performance Date

  • Tuesday, December 7, at 8pm in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall


  • Thursday, August 26, 4:30-6pm;
  • by appointment;
  • or SLU students, staff, and faculty can audition by digital submission here

Only new players need audition. Returning players should write to director Theresa Witmer indicating their desire to play.

To audition, you’ll need to play a total of 3 scales and 2 excerpts (or 16 measures each) from the music linked below:

  1. Three major or minor scales of your choice. If you are recording your audition, please say the name of the scale and the mode (major or minor) before playing it. One octave is fine; playing more than one octave to demonstrate your range is even better!
  2. Two excerpts from the music found here:

      a. Choose a part that works for you from this band classic, Holst’s 2nd Suite! 

      b. For the first excerpt, choose a passage of at least 16 measures that is in 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, or a combination of those meters:

            i. movement 1, anywhere between the beginning and letter H, or

            ii. anything from movement 3.

      c. For the second excerpt, choose a passage of at least 16 measures that is in 6/8:

            i. movement 1, anywhere between letter H and the D.C., or

            ii. anything from movement 4.

      d. For both excerpts, choose tempos that are appropriate to the markings in the music.

If you are playing an in-person audition, please print the music for yourself and bring it with you to the audition.

Contact director Theresa Witmer with any questions.