Learning Goals

We emphasize collaborative and interdisciplinary study. Required courses for the major/minor are based on our belief that all majors and minors must have:

  • an ability to work with various kinds of musical notation and use musical terminology (MUS 200 or 201)
  • an understanding of how social and historical contexts shape and are shaped by musical expression (MUS 210)
  • a grasp of the fundamental relation between music and technology (MUS 220)
  • both breadth and depth in the study of music (electives)
  • ongoing experience in making music with others (participation in a department ensemble).

Our learning goals for all students are built on the importance of:

  • close, active listening, as well as articulating what one is hearing
  • participating actively and reliably in collective work
  • learning to lead responsibly
  • responsible decision-making
  • a disciplined approach to problem-solving.