The SoundSandBox is just that—a place to try things out, build things up, smash them down again, and try again—with sound. In Spring 2023 we will again do a silent film project, providing live sound for several short films.

Buster Keaton

Our focus will be the comedic and athletic work of Buster Keaton. Anyone can join. We'll have musicians to accompany the films, as well as foley artists—those unseen folks who do the sound effects, like knocking coconuts together to make the sound of horses' hooves.

Rehearsals (starting Friday, January 20)

Fridays, 1-4pm, in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall

Performance Date

  • Friday, April 14, at 8pm in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall


  • Friday, January 20, 1-4pm, in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall

There's no formal audition. At our first "rehearsal," I'll give you a short questionnaire to fill out, we'll talk a little about how rehearsals will work, and we'll watch the films we plan to work on over the semester. We'll get started in earnest the following Friday.

Contact director David Henderson with any questions you have.