New Employee Guide

As a new employee at St. Lawrence University there are tasks you need to complete, and information you may need. This page provides much of that information. Please contact Human Resources (315-229-5596) with any questions.

Tasks to be completed by the new employee:

Complete the paperwork to be placed on the payroll. You cannot be paid until this paperwork is done! This is done at Human Resources, Vilas G2.

Complete the paperwork needed to enroll in benefits. This is done at Human Resources, Vilas G2.

New Staff Orientation is offered once a month to all new faculty and staff throughout the academic school year to familiarize them with policies and services available at St. Lawrence University. You will receive a letter in the mail containing all pertinent information regarding this orientation from the Human Resources Office. Call Karen Butler at 229-5509 for more information.

If you want to have an account on the SLU computer system please visit Information Technology at your earliest convenience to pick up your initial account login(s) and password(s), the faculty/staff orientation packet is available on IT's web site.This packet will provide you with information about computing at St. Lawrence. Introductory tutorial sessions are also being offered by Information Technology. Call Ruth Tully at 229-5778 for more information.

You will need an SLU ID card for access to many buildings on campus. After you have completed your paperwork at Human Resources you can get your photo ID at the Office of Security and Safety located at 76 Park Street. To obtain access to the Augsbury Athletic Center and the Newell Field House, you will need to complete paperwork with Robin Durocher (229-5415).

Faculty / Staff On-Campus Housing - As part of its benefits program, St. Lawrence University maintains housing units for rental by new faculty and staff. These units are rented on a first come-first serve basis for a period of one year to help new faculty and staff become familiar with the Canton community before finding their own permanent housing. Check out the Faculty/ Staff Housing Page.

Employee Services

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program, called BalanceWorks, is offered through eni. BalanceWorks provides free and confidential counseling to all of our employees and their families. It is primarily offered to help employees and their families resolve personal problems which may affect their home and work life. Employees and their families will have access to three free face-to-face counseling sessions with a licensed mental health care professional.  BalanceWorks also provides free, confidential, 24/7 services to include: legal services and consultations, financial services and consultations, online access to work/life tools, articles, and much more!  Please log onto BalanceWorks at for more details about your EAP benefits. For first time users of the online services will need to contact Human Resources for member and group ID numbers.   BalanceWorks is a benefit provided by St. Lawrence University and endorsed by SLU administration, faculty, the SEIU, CSEA, and PCPSOA unions and is free to all employees. For more information, please feel free to contact Debra Mousaw, Human Resources Director of Employee Benefits at 229-5597.

Employee Emergency Fund
The purpose of the Employee Emergency Fund is to provide grant money to employees in emergency situations after all options for assistance have been exhausted. The Employee Emergency Fund has been created thru employee donations and gifts from friends of the University. For more information contact Human Resources, 229-5596.

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