Housing Policy

As part of our benefits program, St. Lawrence University maintains housing units for rental by new faculty and staff.  These units are rented on a first come-first serve basis for one academic year only (August 1 to June 15) to help new employees become familiar with the Canton community before finding their own permanent housing.  Leases are not renewable so we may offer transitional housing to incoming faculty and staff each year.  Most houses and apartments are located adjacent to campus within walking distance to the University.  All are older wood-frame structures consistent with rentals in the North Country.  Tenants of houses are responsible for utilities and trash pick-up; all tenants must sign a lease.  Inspections are conducted with each tenant each fall. Tenants must understand that needs at the homes, whether routine plowing and mowing, or repairs will be completed as soon as possible, with the safety of the on-campus community as first priority. The University does not redecorate or supply window treatments.

House and apartment descriptions are provided as a general reference.  Availability of specific houses and apartments will be determined as current tenants provide information on their expected move-out dates.

Formal application by new faculty/staff for university housing can be made immediately after accepting a position with the University.

For more information, contact:

Joanne Bivona
Business Office, Vilas Hall 116
(315) 229-5896