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Why History?

Expertise, Opportunity and Flexibility

Develop Expertise

Student doing archival research
  • Learn essential research and communication skills for a variety of careers
  • Explain the historic roots to contemporary issues
  • Develop key analytical skills to understand and impact key social, cultural, economic and political issues.
  • Learn to empathize with diverse perspectives
Students at internship location

Dynamic Opportunities

  • Complete independent research based on your interests
  • Connect with successful alumni for internship and job opportunities
  • Apply for special research and internship funding available to history students
  • Showcase your work with digital technologies
  • Prepare for a wide variety of careers

Laurentians in front of the Taj Mahal


  • 10 courses to complete the major, or 6 courses for a minor
  • Multiple geographic and thematic areas to focus on
  • Easily integrate study abroad with your major
  • Connect history with other majors, minors and activities across campus