Research and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Tanveer Kalo class of 2018 completes a McNair fellowship with Professor Howard Eissenstat

There are several different kinds of opportunities for history student research and research funding on the St. Lawrence University campus.  Here are just a few:

History Department Vilas Internship Fellowship

Established in 2016, the History Department Vilas Internship Fellowship is designed to provide career development opportunities for History majors and minors, allowing them to develop and apply the skills they cultivate in their history coursework on campus (critical thinking, written and oral communication, research, and historical thinking) in a workplace environment.

History Department Research Funding

Including the Vilas Research Fund and the Robert B. and Susan G. Carlisle Research Award

Campus-wide Research Funding Opportunities

Many students complete summer SLU, Tanner and McNair Fellowships working closely with History faculty. Many of the below projects trace their roots back to a key class assignment, study abroad experience and/or research opportunity. Connect with our dynamic faculty to learn more.

Examples of student research projects

· Will Beyer '21 “Milk Manifestations: The Dairy Industry’s Evolution Reflected in Northern New York” (North Country Studies Award Winner in the Humanities)

· Niamh Creedon-Carey '21 “Prison Reform, Resistance, and Reaction in New York’s North Country” (North Country  Studies Award Winner in the Social Sciences)

· Logan Hagerty '21 "Conserving Land and Colonial Privilege: Pastoralism and Conservation in Laikipia County,  Kenya" (Engaging Africa Award Winner) 

· Asha Johnson ‘21 “The Atlas of Femininity Evaluating Daughters of the Sun: A study of the intersections of  gender, sexuality and rebellion of Caribbean Slave Women through decades”

· Lilly Sullivan ‘21 “Foundations of America: A Look at the United States Constitution  and the Electoral College”

· Shaina Gormley ‘20 “Women’s Roles and Experiences in the Northern Ireland Troubles and Their Aftermath: Reclaiming the History of the Conflict”

· Sara Casazza ‘20 “The Evolution of Vietnam War Memorials”

· June Kiely ‘20 “Act her Own Agent:” Freedwomen’s Agency in the Transition From Slavery to Freedom”

· Emma Sollitt ‘20 “Wicked Pioneers: working class women in contemporary Nairobi”

· Alexandra Whalen ‘20 “North Country Women: A Study of Rural Feminist Activism” (North Country Studies Award  Winner in the Humanities)