Fall 2023 Courses

108      Intro to African Studies, B. Keniston

115      Survey of Caribbean & Latin American History, M. Tumen

160      Intro to Middle East Studies, H. Eissenstat

200      CW Her/Stories, E. Regosin

207      America’s Civil War, E. Regosin

222      Unplanned Republic: 1607-1789, M. Schrems

226      US WWII to Present, D. Alvah

229      Intro to Native American History, M. Schrems

233      Colonial Latin America, M. Tumen

234      Modern Latin America, M. Tumen

243      Origins of American Foreign Policy, D. Alvah

253      Colonial British America, M. Schrems

263      African American History to 1865, M. Smith

299NOR         Major Themes Southern History, M. Smith

3111     Abolition of White Democracy, B. Keniston

365      Seminar in American History

474      SYE: Topics in N. American History, E. Regosin

489      SYE: Independent Study, D. Alvah, H. Eissenstat, E. Gabriel, E. Jennings, M. Smith, E. Regosin, M. Schrems

498      SYE: Senior Thesis/Honors, D. Alvah, M. Carotenuto, H. Eissenstat, E. Jennings, E. Regosin