Summer Law Programs

Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates at Florida State University
Eligibility: College students enrolled at two- and four-year institutions, in all majors and from all backgrounds, are invited to apply following their first year. We particularly welcome students from groups historically underrepresented in the legal profession. 

Explore Law Program at Penn State
Explore Law is a tuition-free, residency program held at Penn State Law in University Park, Pa., available to any undergraduate student--regardless of location, major, or residence--who is interested in learning more about law school. Explore Law will give you the opportunity to learn about multiple fields of law and myriad law careers from law professors, judges, and practicing attorneys. The program will help prepare you with detailed information on the admissions process, how to write an excellent personal statement on your law school application, and how to finance your degree.

Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program
Eligibility: This program targets college students who have just completed either their first, second or third year. This rigorous three-week program is designed to provide students with a “taste” of the law school experience. The program is primarily directed at undergraduate college students from groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession. All interested students currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program are encouraged to apply.

King Hall Outreach Program (KHOP) at University of California, Davis
Eligibility: Currently attend, or have recently transferred to, a four-year college with one or two years before graduation; Be considered a first-generation college student (no parent or legal guardian has a bachelor’s degree) OR come from an economically under-served community or background defined as having a household income less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines; Have a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher as calculated on a 4.33 scale; Intend to apply to law school; Be able to attend all KHOP Summer Session meetings.

New York Legal Education Opportunity Program (NY LEO)
Eligibility: NY LEO is designed to assist minority, low-income and economically disadvantaged students in acquiring the skills necessary to succeed in law school.  The program is seeking applicants who are New York residents, who will have received their undergraduate degrees by June 2017 and who have been accepted by or have an application pending at a law school in New York State.

Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program
Eligibility: The Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) programs are targeted, but not restricted, to college students from racial and ethnic minority groups underrepresented in the legal profession. The programs are designed for students in the first two years of college, and preference will be given to students who have signed up for

Public Policy & International Affairs Program
The goal of the PPIA Fellowship Program is to help students achieve a Master’s or joint degree, typically in public policy, public administration, international affairs or a related field. The organization does this through the intensive study provided by participation in a Junior Summer Institute (JSI), through partnerships with universities across the country, and through an alumni network that provides opportunities to connect with individuals who share the same interest in public service.

Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program for College Students
Furthers the Ron Brown Center’s mission of engaging in legal studies, research, and outreach on issues affecting the lives of disadvantaged and underrepresented people; increasing racial and socioeconomic diversity in the legal profession; and educating law students to be leaders on issues of racial, economic, and social justice. Prepares students for the challenges of law school and for the law school application process. Participants gain an edge in courses taught by Law School faculty; through internships with judges and lawyers; in a customized LSAT prep course; and with advising on all aspects of the admission process.

TRIALS (Partnership between NYU School of Law, Harvard Law School, and the Advantage Testing Foundation)
Eligibility: Trials seeks to promote diversity at America’s leading law schools and in the legal profession. Our explicit aim is to support students of modest means whose racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds are underrepresented in America’s top-rated JD programs. We welcome applications from all motivated students of any background whose personal circumstances, self-identifications, and unique perspectives might place them outside the mainstream of typical law school applicants. We will give particular consideration to those candidates who attend colleges that traditionally send no more than one graduate per year to the partnering law schools. Each summer, the majority of students enrolled in Trials will hail from such underrepresented institutions.

University of Buffalo Discover Law Program
Eligibility: Discover Law @ University at Buffalo School of Law School is a four-week summer residency program for 20 academically promising college students who have completed their first or sophomore year, but who will not begin their junior year before the end of the program. Preference is given to students of color and first-generation college students. A competitive program, we are looking for students who exhibit academic promise and have a GPA of 3.0 or above. However, the selection committee will give favorable consideration to students who can demonstrate a record of academic achievement despite economic challenges, social or cultural disadvantages, linguistic barriers, or extraordinary family or personal responsibilities.

University of Houston Law Center's Pre-Law Pipeline Program
Eligibility: Students should be first generation college students, low income, or members of groups underrepresented in the legal profession. Students must hold a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

University of Maine PreLaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program
Eligibility: The PreLaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program at the University of Maine School of Law will teach oral, written, and leadership skills that will be useful in whatever community you live and any career you choose to pursue. This program is targeted, but not restricted, to college students from racial and ethnic minority groups and first generation students, underrepresented in the legal profession (e.g. African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian/Alaskan Native).  In addition, individuals who are the first in their family to attend college will be given preferred consideration. The program is designed for students in the first two years of college, and preference will be given to students who have signed up for