Services Offered

  • Mentors: A key component of the McNair Scholars program is that of providing a one-to-one relationship with a member of the faculty who can provide advice integral to research as well as to the graduate school search.
  • Summer Research Internships: McNair Scholars are expected to participate in an eight-week summer research component, during which they will receive full room and board as well as a research stipend of $2800.
  • Research Opportunities: McNair Scholars are encouraged to complete one required research opportunity and an additional in-depth research-intensive experience.
  • GRE Preparation: All Scholars are given preparation to take their Graduate Record Examinations (GREs).
  • Graduate School Planning: All Scholars are expected to attend workshops and seminars designed to provide information on the graduate school application and interview processes.
  • Travel and Conferences: McNair provides monetary support to assist students in attending regional, national, and professional conferences. Each scholar will be expected to present their research at a conference or symposium.
  • Recognition: McNair Scholars receive national recognition, hundreds of opportunities for waivers for the cost of graduate school applications, and opportunities for fellowships for their graduate studies. McNair Scholars at St. Lawrence are also recognized at University recognition days.
  • McNair Graduate School Resource Center: McNair Scholars have access to a student work room containing information and materials designed to assist them in their graduate school selection, in completing their applications, and in applying for scholarships or fellowships.
  • Academic Personal and Career Counseling: McNair Scholars have access to counseling designed to meet their academic plans, their career plans, and personal concerns.