Health Careers Committee Interview

Important dates

Upcoming Interviews: November 4-7, 2024

Interview Waiver due: October 14, 2024

Faculty/Staff Recommendations due: October 28, 2024

Student Materials due: October 28, 2024



What materials are required for an HCC Interview?

Required material: HCC Interview Waiver

Required material: HCC Interview Self-Evaluation Rubric

Tips on the HCC Interview Process

Aims of the Health Careers Committee Interview

Practice Interviewing Skills

The interview is an opportunity to answer questions like, “Why do you want to be a ______?”  Not only is this a common interview question, but talking about your motivation will also potentially help you focus your application. It is also an opportunity to see how well you can answer the question asked, dialogue with interviewers and think on your feet.

Highlight the Positive

At your interview at least two faculty members will discuss what to emphasize on your application, and potentially how to address weaknesses.

Gather More Information for Your Health Careers Committee Letter

The interview is an opportunity for the Health Careers Committee to learn more about your activities both inside and outside the classroom. Sometimes students are too modest about what they have accomplished, or don’t realize how certain activities can support their application. The interview is a chance to uncover both kinds of omissions, or understated gems.

Gain Personal Statement Feedback

The interview is an opportunity to talk about how you come across in your personal statement, and how to use the personal statement portion of your health professional school application. This is a really important part of your application, and the only place where admissions committee members feel like they get to know you.

Learn about the Next Steps

The interview is an opportunity for Health Careers Committee members to advise you about appropriate course work, volunteer experiences or other activities that might strengthen your application.

After the Health Careers Committee Interview

Attend an Exit Interview

This is your opportunity to meet with the Health Careers Committee letter writer and review the contents of your letter in general terms. Although not required, most students find this meeting useful as they structure their application. You should also feel free to discuss your interview performance and materials with the members of the Committee who conducted your interview.

Send Updates

After your exit interview, you should schedule meetings or send email updates to your Health Careers Committee letter writer of new items that could be added to the letter to enhance your application including clinical experiences and research opportunities.  These should be activities that you have completed while still an undergraduate at SLU.