HCC Interview Required Materials


To best support your application to a health career program and be prepared for the health careers committee interview, please prepare the following materials:

1.  A current resume which includes your work, clinical, research and/or volunteer experiences.
2.  A personal statement describing how your life experiences (academic, shadowing, volunteer, etc.) and personal traits support that _________ is the right career for you. Please limit the statement to one page typed or 5300 characters.
3.  Detailed descriptions of up to eight experiences that you feel are relevant to your application for health career school. Please limit each description to 700 characters. If you choose, the three most meaningful experiences can be 2025 characters in length. (This document is separate from the resume and personal statement documents.)

Please format the descriptions as follows:

  • Experience Type:
  • Experience Name:
  • Experience Description:
  • Total Hours:

4. A separate document answering the following six prompts:

  • List your major, minor and academic advisor at SLU.
  • Describe your academic interests at SLU (include your academic performance, how you chose your major, how you chose your courses, etc).
  • Describe one of your academic strengths and give an example of how it has helped you.
  • Describe one of your academic weaknesses and give an example of how you have dealt with this weakness during your academic career.
  • Which one of your personal qualities is your favorite and why?
  • Which one of your personal qualities is your least favorite and why?

5. It is relevant for health career programs to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your life generally and as it pertains to your professional school preparation and plans. We would like to include information about your situation in your committee letter, if applicable.  Please respond to the following prompts in 2-3 sentences.  Submission of this document is OPTIONAL.

  • Personal: How did you transition from in person to remote learning in the spring of 2020?  What changed, for the better or for the worse? 
  • Academic: How did your interactions with professors, peers, and academic support resources change? How did your new living environment (whether on campus or away) during the spring of 2020 affect your ability to continue your studies?  How was your 2020-2021 academic year different than you anticipated?
  • Professional enrichment: What opportunities (e.g., student groups, volunteering) did you have to discontinue? What intended plans were affected? Have you begun any new activities?  
  • Resilience: What has this taught you about your own resilience and coping skills? 

6.  An unofficial transcript.

7.  The Health Careers Committee Rubric marked with your self-evaluation.

8.  Five or six letters of recommendation from faculty members on campus submitted through the Health Careers Committee on-line forum.

  • Approach at least three SCIENCE faculty that know you and your work and/or research well.  Discuss your future plans with them and include their names on the waiver sheet.
  • The individuals you list on the waiver form will receive instructions via e-mail on how to complete the Health Careers Committee on-line recommendation.

9. The signed waiver form listing who you have requested recommendation letters from.

Submit your WAIVER FORM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (approximately four weeks before interviews are held - a deadline will be posted).  This is necessary in order for your recommenders to receive instructions and to give them ample time to write your reference.

Give your waiver to the Biology Department secretary.  E-mail requests to your recommenders will then be sent, and a folder on OneDrive will be created so that you may upload your student materials.  You will receive an e-mail from Office 365 (OneDrive) informing you when your folder is ready.  Use your SLU e-mail and log-in to access your OneDrive account at http://portal.office.com .

STUDENT materials must be uploaded to the OneDrive folder by the deadline noted on the Health Careers Committee Interview main page