Incomplete ("E" grade)

In the event of unusual or extenuating circumstances (e.g., serious illness or family emergency), a student may request that a professor grant an incomplete ("E" grade) for a course in which the student is unable to finish all required work during the semester. If the student's request is granted, the instructor should inform the department chair and agree with the student, preferably in writing, on the conditions for completing the unfinished work. All unfinished work must be completed in enough time to allow the instructor to evaluate it and report a permanent grade to the registrar's office by the end of the second full week of classes of the subsequent semester. The instructor may set an alternate deadline if they wish, but no later than the end of the semester. If no grade is reported by the deadline, the E is automatically converted to a grade of 0.0 (Failure).

The faculty member, in consultation with the department chair, may request from the registrar a delay beyond the established deadline, but this delay may not be longer than the end of the semester. If the student is not in residence during that semester, the delay may be extended for one additional semester. Further extension must be requested of the Dean of Academic Affairs and is highly unusual.

It is the responsibility of the student to see that conditions for the removal of an E grade are established and met. Here is a template for an E grade completion contract that faculty and students may wish to use.

For the complete policy, please see "Incomplete (E) grade" section in the most current University Catalog.