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Improv Lab

Modeling the masters is good practice for developing and developed musicians alike.  When it comes to making music, our archetypes play a significant role.  For instance, if you were going to put a band together what would be the first tune you would want to work up?  Would it be a cover or an original?  What musical influences would you draw upon? We’re all on the same path as we learn to speak this universal language.  A book worth reading about all of this is The Music Lesson by bassist extraordinaire Victor Wooten. 

The Improv Lab was launched at St. Lawrence University in the fall of 2007 to create a workshop-type environment which fosters a collaborative, performance-based experience.  Each iteration since then has taken on its own shape and flavor.  Over a series of 24-or-so 90-minute sessions, we’ll explore a bunch of tunes and jam experience from which a program of performance will emerge.  It’s formative—and fun!

Due to efforts to maintain good distancing practices while also providing an in-person rehearsal experience, this ensemble will have a maximum of ten students in spring 2021. Please audition early to ensure your chance at a spot!

Rehearsals (starting Monday, January 11)

  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-6:30pm, in the Launders Underground and/or via Zoom

Performance Date

  •  Wednesday, March 31, at 8pm in the Launders Underground and/or via Zoom


To audition, you will be asked to perform three scales of your choice and submit a short excerpt of yourself performing. Please submit digitally using this form.

For more information, contact Tim Savage, director.