The Annex


The Annex is located at 21 Romoda Drive across from the Griffiths Art Center.  The Annex houses 21 students and the Music Library.  The theme's faculty adviser is Arline Wolfe, and the student coordinator is Patricia Goodhines '13.

Our Mission Statement: The Annex will bring together students with a common interest in the performing arts, and who share the goal of performing publicly for the sake of artistic preservation and growth both on campus and in the surrounding communities. As a community, we strive for the integration of our various skills and interests, as well as for creative collaboration, because we all desire to grow and expand as musicians and performers.

Additionally, the Annex provides the student body with a place to study, practice, and further their knowledge of music and the performance arts.  The house contains resources such as The Music Library, performance space, and many knowledgeable students experienced in the arts of music and performance.  It is necessary to have a house for this community of musicians and performers because together they may collaborate and take advantage of their varying talents and skills.  

In the past, the Annex has held such events as weekly jam sessions, Christmas caroling with the campus Girl Scouts, performances at local venues such as Maplewood Campus Nursing Home and The Partridge cafe, hosting alumni workshops and composition competitions.