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Music is both an art, engaging the creative impulse, and a science, involving analytical thinking. That makes it an ideal liberal arts major. At St. Lawrence, we emphasize the relation between making and studying music. Here you’ll develop a worldview of music by learning how to create and perform a wide range of musics and by studying a variety of social and technological contexts for music-making.

We welcome all students regardless of background. Ensembles and private lessons are available to everyone.

Music majors have gone into education, music video production, music journalism, and sales and promotional careers related to music; others have charted careers as performers or pursued graduate study. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a major or just keeping music a part of your life during your time at St. Lawrence, we think you’ll find a good home here.

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The shakuhachi, a Japanese traditional bamboo flute that is rooted in Zen Buddhism, meets the guitar, a Spanish folk instrument that became a giant...
ANYONE may join ANY of our ensembles other than the Laurentian Singers, which is a student-only group.  Auditions are happening now.  Click...
As the fall semester begins, here are a few things about us: Our ensembles are by audition, and students are typically registered for 0.25...