Graduation Requirements

All students must complete thirty-three and a half semester course units (33.5), including all requirements specified for their chosen major(s), and a curriculum of general education requirements specific to their year of matriculation. Also required are a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) overall and in the major and minor, based on St. Lawrence University courses only. These requirements are ordinarily earned in four academic years. The normal course load is four units per semester except for an additional half unit as required by the First-Year Program during the two semesters of the first year. Though the normal semester course load is four units a student may need to take more than four units in a semester to fulfill graduation requirements. It is students' responsibility to ensure they satisfy the 33.5 semester course units requirement. Each full unit is equivalent to 3.6 semester hours. 

All students declare a major by February of the sophomore year. In addition to the major, students must successfully complete a curriculum of general education requirements, the First-Year Program requirement, and the writing competency requirement, whose descriptions follow.

General Education Requirements

First-Year Program and First-Year Seminars

Majors and Minors

Writing Competency Requirement

Acceptable Academic Progress