Homeland Security Advisory

A “Heightened Security State of Alert” is “a mind set that leads you to notice unusual or suspicious behavior/circumstances and reporting your observations to authorities in a logical, rational and timely manner.”

Heightened Security is not intended to induce fear and panic. People should go about their normal business while paying particular attention to their surroundings. Your personal judgment will be most valuable as we maintain security on campus.

Be aware of and report to Security and Safety (5555):

  • People in buildings or areas who do not appear to be there on legitimate business.
  • People requesting information with no apparent need for that information.
  • Abandoned packages or other items in unusual or high traffic areas.
  • Multiple persons who appear to be working in unison, committing the above.

    Be alert to:
  • Abandoned vehicles.
  • Unexpected/unfamiliar delivery trucks.
  • Vehicles containing unusual/suspicious packages or materials.
  • Substances leaking or spilling from vehicles.

Building/Office security:

  • Don’t prop open building/residence hall entrance doors/windows.
  • Lock your door when you leave your room.
  • Be aware of unfamiliar persons in or visitors to your office/lab etc.
  • Talk with co-workers or fellow students, know what is out of place or just doesn’t look right.