General Emergency Procedures

1. Take cover under a desk or table, protecting as much of your body as possible, especially your head and neck.
2. Stay away from windows and objects that may fall.
3. Do not run outside.
4. If outdoors stay in an open area.

1. Call 5555 and report the location and nature of the fire.
2. Activate the closest fire alarm.
3. Follow instructions from Security staff and/or Canton Fire Department personnel.

Bomb Threats
1. Ask the caller questions: Where is the bomb? When is the bomb set to go off? What does it look like?
2. Take notes on everything said and be sure to notice any background noise, voice
characteristics, etc.
3. Report the threat immediately to Campus Security at 5555.

1. Calmly and quietly walk to the nearest exit.
2. Do not use elevators.
3. Follow the instructions of Security or emergency personnel on site.

1. Dial 5555 and report the nature of the illness or injury and the location.