Creating and Editing an Event

1. Give the Event a title.

2. Select the date of the event by either typing in the month, date, and year or clicking on the Calendar Icon and selecting the date.

3. Add the start time by typing numbers into the first two sections of the field next to the clock, and then type A for AM or P for PM in the third field. You can also click the Clock Icon and select the time.

4. By default, it will set an hour for the length of the event, but you can adjust that either using the time/clock field or the pre-sets in the pulldown menu below. If the event is all day, check the box and the time fields will be removed.

5. Type in where the event will be occurring in the Event Location field.

6. Select a Type from the pulldown menu.

7. Add a Topic, which is how the site knows which department/group landing page(s) to place the event on. Start typing the name of the Group and then select the correct one from the list that will populate below the field. Click Add another item to have the Event appear on another Group landing page. NOTE: If you want to put an event on another department's page that you don't directly manage, please communicate with them first.

8. Add an image for the event, which will appear above the text and also in a smaller version on the group landing page.

9. Add a summary if you want.

10. Add the details of the event to the body. Note that there is no reason to include the date, time, and/or location in the body since you have already entered that information.

11. Change the Save as state to Published and click Save.