Payment Terms

1) Enrollment at St. Lawrence University is conditional on meeting all financial obligations to the University within its payment terms. Undergraduate costs, billing and payment information may be found online at

2) Billing statements for the fall semester will be available electronically in early July with payment due by August 15th. Billing statements for the spring semester will be available electronically in early December with payment due by January 15th. Payment for summer session charges is due prior to or upon registration. Payments may be made by cash, check, or on-line by electronic check.

3) Students receiving financial aid or loans are required to meet the payment due dates. Therefore, it is imperative that all financial aid application deadlines are complied with and all loan applications are submitted well in advance of the payment due dates.

4) If a student’s account is not satisfied prior to arrival on campus, he or she will receive notification to visit the Student Financial Services Office. If the account cannot be resolved either by payment or approved deferred payment agreement, the student’s enrollment for that term will be canceled.

5) Charges incurred during the academic year are billed the middle of each month and are due on the 15th day of the following month.

6) Balances that remain unpaid after the due dates stated above will be charged interest at 1% per month or 12% per annum.

7) Students with unpaid balances and without an approved deferred payment arrangement will not be allowed to register for classes or participate in the housing assignment process for any subsequent semesters. Transcripts will not be released until the account status is resolved.

Note: If a student registers or is assigned housing for the next semester, but subsequently defaults on an approved deferred payment agreement, the student’s registration and/or housing will be canceled. Deferred payment arrangements can consist of the Monthly Payment Plan (administered by Transact Payments) in current status or an approved, third-party student or parent loan.

8) If registration and housing are canceled and are later reinstated, the University will make every effort to honor the student’s original course selection and room assignment; however, we offer no guarantees.

9) In the event the student withdraws from the University, all outstanding charges must be paid prior to departure. Transcripts will not be issued if a student has an unpaid student account balance, or if exit loan counseling has not been completed. Accounts with balances remaining after withdrawal or graduation may be turned over to a third party collection agency.

10) For any account that must be turned over to a collection agency, the student and guarantor are responsible for all collection costs. Such costs will be added to the outstanding balance due to the University.

11) The University’s acceptance of partial payment in satisfaction of any amounts owed on the student’s fees for tuition, housing and/or any other financial obligations from any one party/person responsible for such amounts under this guarantee will not relieve any other party/person’s responsibility under this guarantee for any remaining amounts originally incurred on the account of the student.

12) Graduation, participation in Commencement and/or receipt of diploma are conditional on meeting the student’s financial obligations to St. Lawrence University. A diploma will not be issued to a student if exit loan counseling has not been completed.

Feel free to call the Student Financial Services Office if you have any questions on your student account, or call the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions on your financial aid package.