When are my bills issued and when are they due?

Undergraduate students: Bills for the fall semester will be available on July 15th with August 15th as the payment date. Bills for the spring semester will be available online December 15, 2023 with January 15, 2024 as the payment due date. Charges incurred during the academic year are billed mid-month and are due on the 15th day of the following month. To review your bill on-line, please visit your Transact Payments SAO (available for students via APR2 or for parents here.

 Graduate students: Students are billed mid-month for courses in which they have registered during the last 30 days. Payment to the University is due upon receipt.

Interest of 1% per month will be assessed on all balances past due by 30 days or more.

What if I cannot pay the amount owed by the due date?

The University has a monthly payment option administered by Transact Payments that allows payments for undergraduate tuition and fees pertaining to the regular academic year to be made over a 10-month period (5 months per semester). The plan carries no finance charges but does require an enrollment fee of $45 per semester. Enrollment information is available in your Transact Payments SAO. If you need a second payment plan for the same semester, please contact Student Financial Services at sfs@stlawu.edu or 315-229-5581 and we will assist you.

Can I pay my tuition with a credit card?

Yes, St. Lawrence University now accepts credit cards for payment of tuition and fees. A fee determined by your credit card issuer will be calculated for each transaction. All credit card transactions must be made through your Transact Payments SAO.

How do I receive a refund of a credit balance?

Requests for refunds may be submitted to the Student Financial Services staff or by phone (315-229-5581). Requests must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. Tuesday for a check to be produced by Friday. If the credit is fully or partially due to a payment made by a parent, a refund check will be issued and mailed to the parent at their home address unless a parent notifies the Student Financial Services staff that the check should be forwarded directly to the student. If a credit balance is solely due to student aid, the refund check will be mailed to the student's SMC box.

Do I have to purchase the health insurance offered by St. Lawrence University?

All full-time matriculated students enrolled at St. Lawrence University are required to enroll in the St. Lawrence Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) OR provide proof of alternative insurance coverage through a comparable plan. Students are automatically enrolled in SHIP and must complete an online waiver form providing proof of their alternative coverage in order not to be billed the annual premium. Click here for more information.

I will be living in a Greek Life house. Will the bill from St. Lawrence University include room and board charges?

That depends on which Greek Life house you will live in. Listed below are each of the Greek Life organizations at St. Lawrence University and whether or not the University bill includes room and board charges for the students living in the respective houses. Non-members living in University owned Greek Life houses remain on the campus meal plan. Newly activated members will remain on the campus meal plan until the semester after they join the organization. Charges not billed by St. Lawrence University are collected from the student by the fraternity or sorority.

Greek Life Billing Info:

  • Chi Omega (sorority): SLU only charges for board
  • Delta Delta Delta (sorority): SLU does not charge for room or board
  • Kappa Delta Sigma (sorority): SLU only charges for room
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma (sorority): SLU does not charge for room or board
  • Alpha Tau Omega (fraternity): SLU charges for room and board
  • Beta Theta Pi (fraternity): SLU charges for room and board

How can I get enrollment verification as required by family health insurance providers and some outside scholarship agencies?

Enrollment verification may be obtained by clicking here.

Who should I call if I have questions about fines or other miscellaneous charges on my bill?

Charge/Fine Phone Numbers:

  • Athletic Trips/Equipment: 315-229-5423
  • Dorm Damage/Recycling Fees: 315-229-5250
  • Parking Permits/Traffic Violations: 315-229-5554
  • Library Fines: 315-229-5170

What happens if I have to withdraw from school after the start of a semester?

See the University's refund policy for information on this subject.

How do I pay for my books?

Students may purchase their books at the Brewer Bookstore using cash, check, credit card, or a community wide account. Students and their families are responsible for ensuring students have adequate funds on hand at the beginning of each semester to purchase books. Students with a normal course load will require approximately $375 each semester for books. An easy way to make funds available to students for this purpose is to open a community wide account and deposit funds into the account.