International Payment Information

St. Lawrence University and Western Union GlobalPay for Students have partnered through Transact to provide a convenient way for you to make payments for your tuition and other fees. This allows you to pay in your home currency, either online or by bank transfer, with competitive exchange rates and takes the stress and uncertainty out of paying for your tuition. (Institution) does not accept overpayments on student accounts. Please transfer only the amount due on your student account to avoid payment delays.

  • Introducing WU® GlobalPay for Students Price Promise*.

 *Disclaimer: If you find a lower price from your bank, we will match it.  Email with GlobalPay for Students reference plus screenshots of the quote from your bank. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • When you make a payment via Transact and Western Union GlobalPay for Students you can choose from a wide selection of payment methods that are popular in your home country including WeChat Pay, ALIPAY, UnionPay, ChinaPay, INR Bank, and many more.

Benefits of Western Union GlobalPay for Students:

  • Pay tuition in your local currency.
  • Pay online from your mobile, tablet, desktop devices or by bank transfer.
  • Rest assured knowing your payments are received in full by St. Lawrence University
  • Track your payment every step of the way with status updates by text or email.

 How to make a payment? 

  1. Login to your student portal  to view account balance
  2. Select make a payment.
  3. Select payment method: Foreign currency. *You will be directed to WU® GlobalPay for Students.
  4. Select the country where you’re paying from, the amount due and click get a quote.
  5. Select the payment method – Wire, Credit Card or Mobile/Online Payment – WeChat, ALIPAY or other.
  6. Provide student details.
  7. Provide payer details - Who will be making this payment? Check Use of Terms box and proceed to payment.
  8. Print Instructions for wire payment or Log in payment provider. Notify me by SMS (tracking payment/optional).
  9. Complete your student payment online or in-person.

Need Help? 

US & CA: Visit our FAQ page for guidance on frequently asked questions, alternatively please email  or call +1877 218 8829 .

St. Lawrence University also accepts Flywire as a way for you to make payments for your tuition and other fees.