Get Mobile Community Wide Account

A Community Wide Account (CWA) is a declining balance account that can be used for purchases at on-campus operations such as the Brewer Bookstore, Dining Services locations, on-campus vending machines and many local businesses. Employees who use the CWA at the Northstar and Time-Out Cafes receive a 10% discount on purchases.

An employee no longer has to bring their ID to the Business Office. Deposits or additions to the CWA may be made via an app called Get Mobile or by logging on to with their SLU email address.

The app may be downloaded to mobile devices at no cost from either the Google Play Store or the AppStore by simply searching for GET Mobile. It also provides information on the CWA balance and transactions.

Employees may request that additions to their CWA account be made automatically by payroll deduction (minimum amount of $25) by sending an email to the Business Office and include the following information.

-Amount to withhold each pay period

-Number of months for withholding (minimum of 3, maximum of 12)

-Employee name and ID number

If employees request a CWA addition be made by payroll deduction, they may expect to have funds available for use by the close of the next business day.

The terms and conditions of a CWA are listed below.

Account holder must have a valid Campus ID card in order to access his or her CWA. St. Lawrence University is not responsible for the use of any lost or stolen Campus ID Card if the loss or theft is not properly reported. A lost, stolen, or damaged Campus ID Card should be reported to Safety and Security, ext. 5554.

No cash withdrawal can be made from a CWA. Any remaining balance on a CWA will be refunded if employment at the university ends.