NexGen EAP Member Guide

Your Total Well-Being Program

NexGen EAP is your confidentials EAP, Work/Life, Wellness, and Health Advocacy benefit provided by your employer at no cost to you.

You and your eligible family members can trust the NexGen EAP services to address your total well-being from accessing counseling services to maximizing work/life balance to providing personalized wellness resources.

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To access your total well-being services:

Call 1-800-EAP-Call

Log on at
Enter your ID - Company ID: 8491 (only needed to create an account on website)

When calling our confidential counseling services, your EAP Counselor will take you through our intake process, where we ask structured questions to assess your situation and determine the best level of care.

Counseling Services
Our counselors are Mental Health Professionals who provide confidential counseling in-person or over the phone for a variety of stressful issues such as marital, family, substance abuse, depression, stress, grief, health, and more. Each counselor carefully listens to your needs and either offers short-term counseling focused on coping strategies or makes an appropriate referral to long-term counseling or specialized care.

Child/Elder Care Resources
Access resources to help you find the child and elder care that you need. We can assist you with finding a pediatrician, babysitter/nanny, camps, sports lessons, music lessons, and college applications and financial aid. Eldercare resources include help with housing options, assisted living facilities, Medicare, doctors, financial planning, and transportation.

Legal and Financial Consultations
Access NextGen EAP to utilize your no cost legal and financial consultations. Half-hour legal consultations can be done over the phone or in-person, and can be used for issues such as divorce, custody disputes, and wills. Discounted legal fees are also available if a longer consultation is required. Half-hour financial consultations are provided over the phone and can provide assistance with topics such as debt consolidation, tax questions, student loans, and investments. ID Theft resources are also available.

Virtual Concierge
The Virtual Concierge Service is available 24/7 to save you valuable time and help you balance the competing demands of work and life. The Virtual Concierge Service features dedicated Personal Assistants available to provide you with research, referrals, or information on just about any topic.

Individualized Wellness Resources
Your comprehensive, personalized Wellness Program encompasses all areas of well-being from nutrition and fitness to relaxation and restoration. Submit a wellness request, schedule a call with a Wellness Coach, or receive individualized wellness tools and resources.

Online Resources
Access your Total Well-Being Program virtually via a personalized web portal. Access counseling, work/life, health advocacy, and wellness resources right from your computer. You can also submit requests directly to your Personal Assistant, access exclusive entertainment discounts, chat live, and start a financial or legal request.

Confidential Assistance
We understand it takes courage to reach out and ask for assistance, which is why we ensure that your information and identity are kept completely confidential - even from your employer. Exceptions occur only when members are at risk of harming themselves or others or when the welfare of a child is in question.