Combined Major

Environmental studies, in conjunction with other departments, has created 10 combined majors, allowing students to integrate substantial efforts in traditional disciplines with environmental studies. These majors are designed for students who wish to acquire expertise in another department while still benefiting from the integrative approaches of environmental studies. 

Environmental Science Degrees (B.S.)

Environmental Studies Degrees (B.A.)

In each interdisciplinary major, it is essential that the student work closely with advisors in both departments. Progress in both halves of the interdisciplinary major should take place at about the same pace.

Combined Major Core Courses (current students: please refer to this list, not APR, for your planning)

All combined majors in environmental studies require the following courses:

  • 1 unit         101. Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • 1 unit         Nature/Society (N/S) course
  • 3 units       Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) courses
  • 2 units       ENVS electives*
  • 7 units       Total

*One course must be a dual-listed natural science elective for B.A. students or a dual-listed social science/humanities elective for B.S. students. Some combined majors require an SYE in either department which may raise the total units to 8 if taken in environmental studies. Honors is always in the major, incorporating both departments and at least one committee member from each department. The faculty mentor may be in either department.

Certain restrictions apply to the stand-alone and all combined majors.