Envs-Government Combined Major

Environmental Studies–Government

  • 7 units      Combined Major Core
  • 1 unit       103. Introduction to American Politics*
  • 1 unit       105. Introduction to Comparative Politics*
  • 1 unit       108. Introduction to International Politics* or 206. Introduction to Political Theory
  • 1 unit       290, 291, 292, or 293. Research Seminar
  • 1 unit       Any one elective course that is predominantly focused on the Environment and taught within the Government department. This includes Global environmental politics and political ecology.
  • 2 units     Electives**
  • 14 units   Total

*At least one of these courses must be taken as a writing-intensive course.

**Electives that are dual-listed should be taken under the government number. These dual-listed electives count toward the government portion of the combined major. Electives may not include another research seminar, and only one elective may be taken off-campus.  A total of up to one unit of internship and independent study can be counted toward the elective requirements.