Dual-listed Electives

Natural Sciences  (one elective in this list is required for the following majors: ENVS-ECON, ENVS-ENGL, ENVS-GOVT, ENVS-PHIL, ENVS-SOC, ENVS)

AFS African Studies  342 BioDivConserv&MgtEAfrica OFF CAMPUS-KENYA
BIOL Biology 221 Ecology W/Lab  
BIOL Biology 380 Tropical Ecology  
BIOL Biology 230 Food From the Sea   
BIOL Biology 330 Lakes & Rivers  
BIOL Biology 258NL Ethnobotany -No Lab  
BIOL Biology 380SPK Tropical Ecology Spk Intensiv  
CHEM Chemistry 106 Chemistry&Environment w/Lab  
CHEM Chemistry 205 Quantitative Analysis w/Lab  
CHEM Chemistry 306 Environ Chem & Toxicology  
GEOL Geology 110 Environmental Geology w/ Lab  
GEOL Geology 211 Geomorphology w/Lab  
GEOL Geology 115 Ocenography  
GEOL Geology 117 Dynamic Ocean  
GEOL Geology 233 Intro GIS  
MATH Math 230 Differential Equations  
PHYS Physics 105 Energy  
PHYS Physics 112 Global Climate w/Lab  
PSYC Psycology 432WL Animal Behavior w/Lab  

Social Sciences/Humanities  (one elective in this list is required for the following majors: ENVS-BIO, ENVS-CHEM, ENVS-GEO, ENVS-PSYCH, ENVS-MATH, ENVS full major)

AFS African Studies  337 Culture, Environ&DevEastAfrica OFF CAMPUS-KENYA
ANTH Anthropology 3074 Communicating Sustainability  
ANTH Anthropology 3078 Approaches to Sustainability  
AAH Art & Art History 256 Art and Nature  
ECON Economy 308 Environmental Economics  
ECON Economy 384 Natural Resource Economics  
ENG English 282 Going Locavore  
ENG English 293 Literary Harvest w/CBL  
ENG English 295 Nature & Env'l Writing  
ENG English 346 LT: American Lit & Environment  
ENG English 352 Contemp Lit & Environment  
ENG English 3066 CW: Embodying the NonHuman  
GOVT Government 343 Ecol & Political Thought  
GOVT Government 4077 Glbl Pol Econ- Seafood Counte  
GS Global Studies 365 GS365_Pop, Health & ENV_Wong  
HIST  History 213 Global Environmental History  
PCS Perf Com Arts 334 Environmental Communication  
PHIL Philosophy 310 Environmental Philosophy  
REL Religion 103 Religion & Ecology   
SOC Sociology 187 IntroSoc: Environ & Society  
SOC Sociology 253 RaceClass&EnvsJustice  
SOC Sociology 264 Environmental Movements  
SPAN Spanish 328 Nature&CltureSpn:IntpretLands OFF-CAMPUS SPAIN