Environmental Studies-English Combined Major

7 units      Combined Major Core

*All ESP courses must be taken on campus.

**One course must be a natural science dual-listed elective and taken on campus. The other elective can be another ESP, another on-campus dual-listed course or something transferred in from abroad with approval.

Electives that are dual-listed with English count on the English side of the combined major.

Required Courses in English (7 total units)

NOTE: Students graduating in the 2017-18 academic year must complete the previous version of the major (Please consult the English Department for previous requirements). Students graduating in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years can choose to complete either the previous version of the major or the revised version. Students graduating in the 2020-21 academic year (and after) must complete the requirements listed below.

At least three writing courses, two of which are in one of the following sequences:

ENG 201 and 309 Journalism and Literary Journalism

ENG 202 (Adirondack Semester) and 293 Creative Nonfiction

EG 241 and 310 Fiction

ENG 242 and 311 Poetry

ENG 243 and 293 Creative Nonfiction

ENG 243 and 308 Creative Nonfiction

ENG 243 and 309 Literary Journalism

ENG 244 and 306 Screenwriting

ENG/ODST 202 (Adirondack Semester)

ENG/ENVS 295 Nature and Environmental Writing

ENG 293/ENVS 273 A Literary Harvest

ENG 282/ENVS 283 Going Locavore

The following may also count as sequences:

ENG 243 and 295

ENG/ODST 202 and ENG/ENVS 295

ENG 243 and ENG 293/ENVS 273 or ENG 282/ENVS 283

A relevant special topics or independent study in writing may count as one course.

At least four literature courses, which must include:

  1. At least one of the following 100- or 200-level literature courses:

ENG 190EL Intro to Literary Forms: Nature Writing

ENG 222 Intro to Multi-Ethnic American Literature

ENG 225 Survey of English Literature I

ENG 226 Survey of English Literature 1700-present

ENG 230 Intro to African American Literature

ENG 231 Adirondack Literature (formerly ENG 245EL)

ENG 237 Survey of American Literature I

ENG 238 Survey of American Literature II

ENG 239 Survey of Canadian Literature

ENG 245EL Literature of Place: Cape Cod

ENG 263 Native American Literature

ENG 3013 Literature of Place: Cape Cod

  1.  English 250 Methods of Critical Analysis

  2. At least two of the following 300-level literature courses:

ENG 328 English Romanticism

ENG 331 American Romanticism

ENG 332 American Realism

ENG 334 Reading the Land (formerly ENG 4006)

ENG-ENVS 346 American Literature and the Environment

ENG-ENVS 352 Contemporary Literature and the Environment

ENG-ENVS 4038 Planetary Modernisms

A relevant special topics or independent study in literature may count as one of the two 300-level literature requirements (with prior approval).

14 units                  Total