What makes St. Lawrence University a great option for someone that is interested in pursuing a health career?

St. Lawrence University is a great place to pursue your undergraduate education if you are interested in pursuing a Health Career for many reasons:

  1. Students have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with faculty either through asking questions in small classes, attending office hours or participating in their research.
  2. St. Lawrence faculty can powerfully recommend their students since they know them well, and are truly invested in their academic and professional success.
  3. St. Lawrence facilitates a variety of shadowing, internship and other clinical experiences through its alumni network, Career Services office, and relationship with the greater Canton community.
  4. Since St. Lawrence graduates have a track record of doing well in professional schools.  Clarkson’s PA & PT programs, NYU’s BSN and Buffalo’s Dental and Pharmacy programs have a special relationship with St. Lawrence to promote continued admission of our graduates.
  5. The Health Coaches course series allows you to learn from Canton Potsdam Hospital physicians and administrators and develop skills for communicating with patients. You then spend the spring semester helping your assigned patient set health goals and motivating them to take action steps toward achieving them.
  6. Whether you ultimately decide to pursue a health career or not, St. Lawrence is a great place to learn, think, dream and discover.