Meet our alumni: Jenna Buckleitner '17

Class of 2017

Major: Biology

Activities at SLU: lived in the Green House; participated in SLU Funk, Pre Health Club, and Swing Dance Club; member of SLU EMS and the SLU Athletic Training Center

Why did you choose SLU to start your pursuit of a health career?

In high school, I wasn't sure what branch of medicine I wanted to go into. St. Lawrence allowed me the flexibility to explore many options and get exposure in a variety of fields while also fulfilling the prerequisites for multiple graduate programs. In addition, I got the chance to get close with professors who both provided an incredible education and cared about my success. 

What SLU experience has helped you be successful in your professional program and/or current job?

One of the best and most useful experiences I had was doing research with Drs. Joseph Erlichman and Karin Heckman, which equipped me with essential skills within experimental design and comprehension/practice writing primary literature. 

What course(s) did you find most helpful in preparation for professional school academics?

There are so many courses that I could list as being incredibly helpful to my career thus far. Within medical school, Anatomy & Physiology has been a lifesaver, as with Biochemistry, Genetics, and Organic Chemistry.

What advise do you have for students pursuing a career in your particular field?

I think the best advice I could give to anyone who wants to be a doctor is to take courses that interest them, not just those in medicine. The perk of attending a school like St. Lawrence is that you have lots of options in terms of great classes and advisors that will help you pursue both a medical degree and your separate interests. Also - make an effort to befriend your professors! I am still close with some of mine, and they've helped me tremendously over the years.