Meet our alumni: Corinne Niekrewicz '15, PA

Penn State University Physician Assistant Program Class of 2015

SLU Class of 2015

Major: Biology   Minor: Mathematics

Activities at SLU: ODK, Beta Beta Beta, Pi Mu Epsilon, CSTEP/McNair, Laurentian Singers, Campus Kitchens, Pre-Health Club, Academic Honor Council, Newman Catholic Campus Ministry


What SLU experience has helped you be successful in your professional program and/or current job?

The breadth of the SLU experience is simply it. Hard work and dedication in my science course load was definitely a very important part of getting into PA school, but the experiences outside of academia are what truly got me through school and into starting a career in medicine. Building and maintaining human relationships is the foundation to practicing medicine, and I am confident my foundation was strong and stable to build upon thanks to all of the extra curricular experiences SLU presented me. 


What course(s) did you find most helpful in preparation for professional school academics? 

Anatomy Lab and Physiology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Cell Biology; Journal Club with Dr. Karin Heckman's Lab Group was particularly helpful for preparation of a unique course called "Team Based Learning (TBL)" course in PA school where testing/assessments/discussions are based on assigned medical journal articles- this course ended up being my favorite part of didactic year.


What advice do you have for students pursuing a career in your particular field?

Get your feet wet in as many hands-on clinical experiences as possible! Once in PA school, the key to success is being comfortable with being uncomfortable -- medicine is an ever-changing field and the learning will never end, so get into the mind set that there is always room for learning from your mistakes as a means to grow. In your clinical year, ask LOTS of questions, and take whatever opportunity comes your way. Whenever a preceptor offers for you to see a complicated patient, help/perform a procedure, or scrub in on a case, take advantage of it and give it a go!