Johnson Hall of Science/Kresge Greenhouse Use Policy

JHS/Kresge Greenhouse Use Policy

  1. Space for projects will be in room #3; priority will be given to General Biology, Biology courses and faculty research needs.  Rooms #1 and #2 are used and managed by Drs. Aswini Pai and Karl McKnight respectively. Space can be made available in these rooms only at their discretion.
  2. Any plants or materials introduced to the Greenhouse space MUST BE PEST-FREE. 
  3. All plant trays and pots must be labeled with a piece of tape indicating the type of plant(s), treatment, and contact person/organization to whom the plants belong.
  4. Individuals using the Greenhouse are expected to supply their own consumables (soil, seeds, chemicals, etc.) although they may use some equipment common to the Greenhouse space (watering cans, pots, trays, etc.).  However, if using specific chemical treatments, users are expected to bring their own watering cans and equipment (which they should label) to avoid cross contamination.  When in doubt, please consult with Aswini Pai or Jackie te Riele.
  5. All chemicals and/or solutions brought in to the Greenhouse space must be labeled in accordance with the SLU chemical hygiene plan.  Labels should include (where appropriate): full chemical name, percent or concentration of chemical, date, and any necessary hazard labels.  Labels are available at the Biology Prep lab in JHS 200.   
  6. Any chemicals or solutions brought in to the Greenhouse must have a SDS (Safety Data Sheet) filed alphabetically in the Greenhouse binder located in the metal cabinet of the common space.
  7. No pesticides or fungicides or other toxic treatments may be used in the Greenhouse to treat plants.  If pesticide or fungicide use is necessary, students and faculty mentor should first meet with Suna Stone-McMasters, SLU Chemical Hygiene Officer (x5105, and list the name of the chemical being used in the request sheet. 
  8. Any requests to change the temperature or light settings in the greenhouse rooms must be made to Dr. Pai or Jackie teRiele.  Please do not touch the electrical panels or control boxes.
  9. When projects are completed: Any soil or plant material waste from projects (with the exception of environmental hazard chemicals) should be placed in the compost bins, which are emptied once per week.  Users of the Greenhouse space should wash all of their pots and trays at the sink and leave them in the labeled “drying area” on the stainless steel counter.  Department workers supervised by Jackie teRiele will put pots and trays away when dry. 
  10. Any individuals or groups using the Greenhouse that do not adhere to this policy may have their access terminated during a project or denied for future projects.    
  11. If you need any further clarifications, please contact Dr. Aswini Pai ( and Jaclyn teRiele (  A request for the green house space must be made through the Kresge Greenhouse Space request form available at the Biology Department website.