Grade dispute (Academic conflict resolution)

A student who disagrees with the grade on an individual assignment or in a course must first discuss the matter with the instructor, who can explain the basis for the grade under dispute, referring to relevant assignment instructions, grading rubrics, and/or course policies that determined the grade.

If the student continues to disagree with the grade, the next step is to talk with the department chair or program coordinator for the course. To initiate a formal dispute, the student must write a letter to the chair/coordinator outlining the nature of the grievance within 30 days of the dispute arising. The chair will share the letter with the instructor, who has the opportunity to write a response, which is shared with the student. The chair/coordinator will then write a proposed resolution and share it with both parties.

If either objects to the proposed resolution, the next step is to write a letter, within 10 days, to the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, who will convene the Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC), which will review all of the written statements. The CRC may dismiss the complaint outright or decide to convene a hearing board of three faculty members, who will render a decision.

If the complainant objects to the hearing board's conclusion, it is possible to appeal to the Dean of Academic Affairs, who is the final arbiter.

For the complete policy, please see the Student Handbook or Faculty Handbook.