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Professional Development and Training

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The Human Resources Office will assist any individual employee, group of employees, or department in pursuing an interest in new ideas, approaches, continuing education or other topics of professional development or training.

Human Resources has both resources and funding available to assist with training and development opportunities. Generally, if an employee wants to pursue professional development or training and that pursuit is supported by the employee’s supervisor, HR will attempt to fund 50 percent of the cost of the development/training. For more information contact the Human Resources Office.

Some additional resources that may be considered:

St. Lawrence Leadership Institute [free to eligible employees!]

An annual professional development opportunity supported by the University through the Human Resources Office is the St. Lawrence Leadership Institute, (SLLI), an apolitical, not-for-profit organization based in Potsdam. Its mission is to foster the development of emerging and existing leaders for the advancement of St. Lawrence County and its communities. The SLLI primary program consists of monthly evening sessions taking place over nine months (September – June). St. Lawrence employees who are selected by SLLI and approved by the vice president/dean of their division will have the full tuition paid by HR.

Professional Development/Training Opportunities

The Human Resources Office [Vilas G2] has a catalog of professional development/training opportunities covering a wide range of topics: stop in at any time to look for topics of interest. [See note above about 50/50 funding!]

These links can also be helpful in finding opportunities:

SUNY Canton ~ Continuing Education
National Seminars Training
Northern New York Library Network ~ Training Workshops
SkillPath Seminars