Exempt Sick Time and Leave Policy | St. Lawrence University Human Resources

Exempt Sick Time and Leave Policy

The amount of time granted to be away from work due to illness or treatment of illness (sick time) is unspecified for exempt employees, including faculty. The amount of sick time allowed will be the decision of the supervisor, with approval of the appropriate Vice President. Sick time approval will take into consideration factors such as the nature of the position, the time of year/schedule of work in the department, alternative coverages or arrangements, etc..

When an employee is absent due to illness or treatment of illness for more than five consecutive days of work the supervisor should notify the Human Resources Office. If the employee’s absence is due to a certified disability the department budget may receive some adjustment, which can help if a temporary employee is needed. The employee can also find out, through contact with HR, about appropriate assistance and applicable laws.

For non-faculty exempt staff leave without pay can be approved on an individual case by case basis: employees should consult with supervisors about options. A leave is confirmed when approved by the supervisor (with the assumption that that person has discussed the request with the Vice President of the division) and the Human Resources Office [see the form at SLU website http://www.stlawu.edu/human-resources/resource/leave-absence-request-form

Faculty leaves are as described in the Faculty Handbook and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Updated: 4/1/2014