Foundations of Medicine

BIOL 4015 Foundations of Medicine I (0.5 units) Fall Course

This fall semester course is designed to help students as they prepare to take the MCAT entrance exam and apply to medical school. Outside of class, students will work on their MCAT content review including concept checks and practice questions and will take two full-length practice exams. During class, students will make short presentations on striking or memorable pieces of review content, and learn and practice test-taking strategies. In the interest of developing other aspects of students’ medical school applications, students will read and respond to a book that relates to current medical culture, the complexity of changing medical systems, or how to make a lasting difference in developing countries. In addition one class period will be a panel discussion at which community physicians discuss and answer questions about their paths into medicine and current practices. Pre-req 1/2: BIOL-101 & BIOL-102 Pre-req 3/4: CHEM-103 & CHEM-104 Pre-req 5/6: CHEM-221 & CHEM-222 Pre-req 7/8: PHYS-103 or PHYS-151 & PHYS-104 or PHYS-152 Must be completed prior to taking this course.

BIOL 4016 Foundations of Medicine II (0.5 units) Spring Course

This spring semester course is designed to help students as they prepare to apply to health professional school. The major goals of the course surround putting together a successful health professional application and interviewing successfully. Assignments and classwork will focus on writing and refining personal statements, summarizing previous experiences in a way that highlights their value, and preparing for critical thinking interviews. Students will continue to prepare for their standardized testing by completing a full-length practice exam and analyzing the results. Students will be required to participate in 6 hours of volunteer work outside of class and will also complete a group project that further develops their understanding of a current controversial topic in medicine. Permission only course – Students are required to submit an essay detailing how this course will help them achieve their career goals and an unofficial transcript to Jane Kring prior to registration in the course. Strong preference will be given to Junior and Senior students.