Are there any service or volunteer experiences that involve health and health care? | St. Lawrence University Biology

Are there any service or volunteer experiences that involve health and health care?

Volunteering is a great way to demonstrate your interest in working with people. While there are a variety of activities on campus (Campus Kitchens, SLU Reading Buddies, etc), there are several opportunities (some with course credit) that have a health-related focus. Nursing Home Volunteer: The Pre-Health Club takes monthly trips to Maplewood on Sundays between 3-4:30PM. Join the pre-health club advisors and students in playing cards, writing letters or otherwise interacting with Maplewood residents.

Hospice Volunteer: St. Lawrence County’s has a well-respected Hospice Program that includes the efforts of volunteers who assist patients and their families. Students are expected to make a one year commitment (excluding summer) and receive training prior to being assigned. Attend an info session on campus in April to learn about getting involved the following fall.

Health Buddies: This brand-new opportunity enables SLU students to serve as role models of healthy eating and physical activity for local children and their families. The Health Buddy will work with a Canton-Potsdam Hospital Nutritionist to establish a plan and then meet with the child in his/her home over a 7-8 week period. This opportunity may be completed for SLU internship credit.

Health Coaches: This collaboration with Canton-Potsdam Hospital aims to prevent patient readmission and to improve individual healthcare outcomes. SLU students are assigned recently discharged patients with chronic health conditions and meet with them weekly to promote adherence to the patient’s care plan. You must apply for this program which also carries SLU credit. It is open to junior and senior students, so look for an info session in early spring of your sophomore year.

Student Athletic Trainer: Be a student worker in the Athletic Training Room. While most student workers take the spring course Introduction into Sports Medicine, which is part of the Exercise Science and Sport Studies Minor, the only requirement is CPR/AED/First Aid certification. Brian Atkins and Aisha Visram ar the Athletic Trainers on campus and contact people for the class and work opportunity.

Nicaragua summer study abroad - Learn Spanish in Nicaragua: Beginning summer 2018, Dr. Steven White from SLU (Modern Languages department) will lead a summer study abroad intensive (one instructor per group of two students) intermediate or advanced Spanish course in the beautiful colonial university city of León, Nicaragua. You can choose to learn Spanish geared toward a health care career (e.g. human anatomy, symptoms of illnesses, the imperative verb tense and how to conduct interviews in a professional manner). You can also opt for a supervised internship in the afternoons at AMOCSA, a private hospital also in León. The summer school program also includes excursions to do volcano boarding on Cerro Negro, a trip to a nearby wildlife sanctuary for sea turtles on the Pacific Ocean, as well as workshops on folk dancing and music. All students live with Nicaraguan families to reinforce their language skills. At least 3 years of high school Spanish are required, though additional Spanish language courses at SLU are preferred. Apply through CIIS.