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International Students

As a nationally recognized leader in the liberal arts, St. Lawrence University is home to more than 2,400 undergraduate students, including 184 international students from 50 countries. An international student at St. Lawrence is defined as a student who is not a US citizen or permanent resident; these students are from Canada, all of the countries around the globe, in addition to some students who currently reside in the United States, are attending high school but are not citizens or permanent residents. 

In order to take advantage of all that St. Lawrence University has to offer, you must apply and be accepted. To begin those steps, please review the following information.

International Application Checklist

In our holistic application review process, St. Lawrence University is looking for students who are intellectually curious, self-motivated and who have a clear sense of purpose. Students should be poised to embrace the mission of a residential, community-based liberal arts university and appreciate the value of learning in and about a diverse community and world.

The following are required for a complete application to St. Lawrence University.

  • Common Application
  • Official copy of your high school transcript
  • Official standardized test scores
  • Counselor or other school official letter of recommendation
  • Two academic teacher recommendation letters
  • Resume - optional
  • Certificate of Finance

We waive the application fee for all international students. Please indicate on the Common Application the fee waiver status when you submit your application.

Early Decision Application
International applicants not requiring full financial aid (except for UWC/Davis Scholars) and who have selected St. Lawrence University as their first choice may apply Early Decision. Applicants accepted are obligated to attend St. Lawrence and must withdraw applications submitted to other institutions. Applications are accepted beginning November 1 through February 1 and notifications are mailed on a continual basis. Complete the Early Decision Agreement, submit it with your signature, the signature of a parent/guardian, and your high school guidance counselor.

Regular Decision Application
The Regular Decision deadline is February 1. All applicants are notified of their decisions in mid-to-late March. We strongly encourage international applicants to submit their application and supporting materials well in advance of the application deadline.

International Admissions Preparation

In order to be best prepared to take full advantage of St. Lawrence University's liberal arts curriculum, you should have a broad preparation at the secondary school level. Competitive candidates for admission typically present:

  • four years of English
  • three years of sciences
  • three years of social studies
  • three years of mathematics
  • additional years of study in the areas of your greatest interest
  • work in other areas as determined by the requirements of your secondary school.

Testing Requirements
International applicants must submit SAT scores in order to be considered for admissions. If SATs are not offered in your home country, then TOEFL scores may be submitted instead. Please indicate St. Lawrence University as a recipient institution for scores when registering for exams. Our institutional code for both the SAT and TOEFL is 2805.

Extracurricular Involvement
Life outside of the classroom is just as important to our student culture and campus as life inside the classroom. We are looking for students who are passionate about clubs and organizations, outdoor activities, volunteer opportunities, travel programs, athletic involvement and more. Share this involvement and your experiences with us in your application.

International Financial Aid

St. Lawrence University offers merit and need-based grants and scholarships to international students. To apply for financial aid, students must indicate on their Common Application the desire to apply for financial aid and complete the Certificate of Finance form. The Certificate of Finance imust be submitted at the same time as your application.

Merit Scholarships
St. Lawrence University reviews each application and awards International Scholarships to students based on their academic achievements. These scholarships range from $5,000 to full tuition based on academic achievements.

Need-based Financial Aid
St. Lawrence reviews each application for need-based grants based on the information provided in the Certificate of Finance. These grants are awarded and combined in the International Scholarship in your financial aid award package.

Campus Employment or Student Loans
Student employment opportunities and a small number of student loans are also available to international students. Students granted these opportunities will see them outlined in their financial aid award package. International students should be aware that our merit, need-based grants, campus employment and student loans are very competitive.

Kenya Scholarship

St. Lawrence University has had a long relationship with and commitment to Kenya. Over the last several decades, the University has helped educate numerous Kenyans. Several of those graduates have chosen careers in civil service, as was evidenced in the Kenya national election of 2013 when four St. Lawrence University alumni were elected to the Kenya National Assembly. Additionally, St. Lawrence continues to operate a study abroad program in Kenya and uses its own campus compound in Nairobi as the center for the students. For more information, visit our Kenya Scholarship website.

Office of International Student Services

Once students are admitted and enroll at St. Lawrence University, we take great pride in knowing each student personally. One way we begin to do so is through our Office of International Student Services. This group of professionals will begin working with you even before you arrive on campus. They will guide you through the immigration documents required to attend, act as a resource for any issues you might have and help you succeed as a student and as a person.

University Resources

Academic Programs
Pre-Professional Programs
Peterson Center for International and Intercultural Studies

For questions regarding the international application process which are not answered on our webpages, please contact Musa Khalidi, Executive Director of International Admissions, via email.