Editing Faculty/Staff Profiles

If you have permission to edit content for a Group/Department, you should be able to edit the profiles associated with that department to do so:

1. Navigate to the profile you want to edit (while logged in) and click the Edit tab in the bottom right corner.

2. To edit the person's name, use the fields near the top. Filling any of them in will override what is there by default.

3. You can change whether the person is a faculty member (only teaching faculty please) or Staff by using the pulldown menu.

4. If you want to change the person's title, first check the box that says Hide Official Title Then go down to Additional Titles and click Add new title. In the first field, type the new title. Then, in the section below, start typing the department or program that the person is associated with. If it is the same title listed above in the Official Department field, you still need to add that department again here. You should NOT check Hide Official Department.

5. If the person is in secondary departments or programs, add them in the additional departments field(s).

6. From there, you can add a new profile picture (it should be more square/horizontal than vertical), information about specialties (mainly for faculty), where the person received their degree(s) from and their general biography. If the person has more than one location/phone number you can adjust that in the Contact Info section.