Creating and Editing a News Item

1. Add a title.

2. The Publish date will be set to today by default. Unless you are adding an older item that was previously published, there is no reason to adjust this.

3. You can add an author if you chose.

4. By default, group/department editors will have Department News as the category.

5. Add a Topic, which is how the site knows which department/group landing page(s) to place the news item on. Click Select Topic and you can either navigate through the alpha list of all departments and check the ones you want, or use the Contains field to search for the Topic or Topics you want to have the item appear on and click the check box, then click Select Topic.

6. Add an image for the item using the Add Media button.

9. Add intro text if you want.

10. Add the details of the event to the body.

11. You have the ability to add an Image/Video Gallery.

12. Change the Save as state to Published and click Save.