Since we all can't win the lottery - demo's are today!

October 12, 2021


Executive summary:  Yes, the vendor presentations for both Canvas and D2L will be recorded, see below in Red for details à Lesson learned, I should have led with that statement yesterday.   

Schedules are so busy and we realize that many of you have class or prior commitments so recording is a must.  Please look for a survey to be distributed to campus this Thursday for feedback about the demos...

In case you are wondering, the evaluation criteria to be used by the selection committee to make a recommendation is below.  The recommendation will be presented to the Faculty Development and Educational Technology committees for the next LMS decision.

Not in order of importance

  • Modern easy to use interface
  • Catalog of learning objects and templates
  • Supports diverse content
  • Unified Mobile interface
  • ADA compliant (VPAT)
  • FERPA compliant
  • Robust user community
  • Strong market- share for continued stability
  • Response to RFP’s specifications, objectives, requirements, terms, conditions, and provisions
  • Record of performance and service hosting the cloud hosted product
  • Campus presentation(s) and software demo
  • Pricing models

Thank you and I hope to see you LOTS of people attending today and tomorrow!

Smiles and laughter,


René M. Thatcher
Executive Director of Services and Outreach
Information Technology
St. Lawrence University
Pronouns: She, her, hers

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