Who is working on this project?

This project is a multi-departmental collaboration with representation from numerous administrative offices across campus.  Led by Information Technology, this project includes representation from over a dozen different departments on campus.  The chart below provides an overview of the SLU staff working on the Colleague Cloud Migration Project.  In addition to the SLU staff working on this initiative, there are three vendors and dozens of their employees collaborating to make this project successful.  Our vendor partners include:

Ellucian:  Is the company derived from the merger of Sunguard and Datatel, the original creator of the Colleague system.   St. Lawrence licenses the Colleague system from Ellucian, and it is Ellucian that provides us with support and software updates.   There are over a half-dozen Ellucian employees engaged in supporting our migration to their Managed Cloud Hosting environment.  The Ellucian effort for this project is led by Project Manager Cheryl Cline.

Ferrilli: is a technology consulting company based out of Haddonfield, NY, and specializing in the needs of Higher Education.   SLU has engaged with Ferrilli to support several aspects of this project, including supporting our technical and functional teams throughout the transition.   Ferrilli has provided specialists to assist our functional and technical teams in the development of testing plans and implementation of upgrades required in advance of our migration. 

Campus Works: is a full-service consulting firm based out of Bradenton, Florida, specializing in higher education functional and technical consulting and services.  Campus Works provides program and project management services and technical expertise for numerous aspects of the Colleague to the Cloud project.

The Project Team:

Project Sponsor - Darrin Goodrow - SLU Chief Information Officer    

Project Stakeholder - David Ludwig - IT Director of Applications and Infrastructure

Project Stakeholder - Rene Thatcher - IT Executive Director of Campus Services and Outreach

Project Manager - Mark White - Campus Works (Vendor)

Project Manager - Cheryl Cline - Ellucian (Vendor)

SLU Information Technology Lead - James Mattice - Enterprise Systems Administrator

SLU Information Technology Lead - Rhett Thatcher - Manager Network Infrastructure

Project Business Analyst - Randi Jo Buckley - Information Technology

Project Business Analyst - Steve Millington - Information Technology 

SLU Functional Project Lead - Debbie Richards - Registrar

SLU Functional Project Lead - Darrcy Mathews - Registrar

SLU Functional Project Lead - Colleen Manley - Human Resources

SLU Functional Project Lead - Debra Mousaw - Human Resources

SLU Functional Project Lead - Sebastian Notaro - Finance

SLU Functional Project Lead - Christine Zimmerman - Institutional Research

SLU Functional Project Lead - Tommiann Russell - Financial Aid

SLU Functional Project Lead - Elaine White - Student Life/ Security

SLU Functional Project Lead - Nick Ormasen - Purchasing

SLU Functional Project Lead - Mark Phalen - Admissions

SLU Functional Project Lead - Evelyn Jennings - Academic Affairs & Advising

SLU Functional Project Lead - Elun Gabriel - Academic Affairs & Advising