What is the Ellucian Colleague Cloud Migration Project?

The purpose of this phase one project is to migrate, i.e. move, our existing Colleague systems from our “on-premises” data centers on the SLU campus into the Ellucian Managed Cloud hosting environments.   Ellucian is the vendor that created and maintains the Colleague software suite and licenses its use to St. Lawrence University.   Ellucian provides hosting services to dozens of colleges and universities around the world and their experience and expertise in hosting the Colleague system is second to none.
For the most part, except for upgrades to Colleague Self-Service and a few minor changes, the move to the Cloud will be unnoticeable to most users on campus.  However, completing this move to the cloud will enable us to make additional improvements to our Colleague systems in the very near future including activating and implement additional Colleague functionality and other desired changes that will allow us to better support the strategic mission and goals of the institution.