Colleague to the cloud project

This project is the first step in a multi-phase initiative to modernize the Ellucian Colleague application, which is St. Lawrence University’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.  The Ellucian Colleague ERP is the University’s System of Record (SoR) and manages most of the University’s business processes including those related to Finance, Purchasing, HR, Student Registration, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Financial Aid, our course catalogue, and many others.

Diagram summarizing the benefits of moving Colleague to a cloud hosted model.

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    Project Glossary

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    Project Updates

    ODS – CROA – SSRS UAT Testing Recommendations

    Operational Data Store (ODS) Consolidation:

    • What was changed?  Currently, on-premises, we have four separate ODS reporting databases:

      • Three application-specific ODSs: Finance, Student,- and HR which is used by SSRS
      • One general-use ODS: aka “CROA-ODS” which is used by SSRS, CROA and data feeds to external systems

    In the new Ellucian Managed Cloud environment we will have one consolidated ODS database that is used for all reporting purposes.

    • Why did we consolidate ODSs? 

      • Having one ODS will simplify the management of our reporting environments and is more cost-effective for the University.In preparation for the move to the cloud, we consolidated our four on-premises ODS into a single ODS reporting database.
    • How did we consolidate ODSs?
      • We consolidated ODSs in such a way as to limit changes to the CROA-ODS in order to minimize necessary changes to CROA reports and SSRS reports that use the CROA-ODS.In turn, some SSRS reports that use the application-specific ODSs will need to be updated before go-live in December when those ODSs will no longer be available.

    CROA Upgrade:

    • Unrelated to the C2C migration project and ODS consolidation, we have been working on a project to upgrade our CROA reporting environment.This upgrade included building a new reporting server and installation of the latest version of CROA.To minimize the testing for functional leads, we are combining the testing of the CROA upgrade and the testing of the new CROA ODS.Therefore, we will be asking you to test the new CROA system against the new CROA ODS database.

    (Minimum) Testing recommendations

    SSRS:  July 12th to July 23rd

    • Note: This round of SSRS testing is limited to the 21 reports that use the CROA-ODS.
    • For reports that use the CROA-ODS, we have created two versions of each report in the SSRS test  : 
      • One points to the current CROA-ODS,
      • The second points to the new Consolidated ODS where report names are appended with “_Consolidated”.
    • To test:
      • Run each report and confirm that the output is identical.
      • Run the reports with various parameters to confirm the report output is as expected.

    CROA: July 26th to August 13th

    • Navigating the environment:  Are you able to see what you used to see?  Does anything look different or not as it should be (menus, windows, etc.)?  Do you have access you shouldn’t?
    • Test your most important reports  especially those used for official institutional reporting or making important business decisions. 
      • Does the output look reasonable?
      • Can you compare it with past output?
    • Test complex reports and reports that use different universes.
    • Send a report to someone else’s inbox.
    • If you are a report writer:Write a report.Ideally in multiple universes if you have access.
    • Run a handful of reports you have access to in the “Public” folders.

    Process for tracking testing results and reporting errors:

    • Please use the functional area testing process spreadsheets in the MS Team site to record which reports you have tested, who performed the test, the date tested, and your test results.
    • SLU and Ferrilli BAs will assist with coordinating troubleshooting and/or error correction should changes be required.

    Consolidated ODS Go-Live and CROA Production Upgrade:

    Go live for the new Consolidated-ODS and the new CROA environment will occur before the end of August. Exact timing TBD based on testing results.

    Phase 2 SSRS Modifications and Testing:

    • Before the C2C go-live, all SSRS reports currently using one of the application-specific ODSs will need to be updated by IT staff to point to the new consolidated-ODS and to reflect differences between the application-specific ODSs and the new Consolidated-ODS.
    • Conversion of SSRS reports that utilize the application-specific ODSs will happen throughout the summer and fall. IT will coordinate with the report owners to test those reports and move to production between now and C2C Go-Live.

    Hi Everyone,

    There has been a lot of activity over the past few weeks, and a few changes, so we want to make sure everyone stays aware of the latest status.

    Functional area testing of Colleague Cloud: All areas have been in Colleague and testing is in various levels of completion.  The functional leads, together with their SLU BA and Ferrilli expert, have identified processes, customizations, and reports for their areas.   So far, testing is going well and no significant issues have been found with the Cloud version of Colleague.  Mock 1 of 3 is scheduled to end on July 9th, however, we would like to wrap up the functional testing as close as possible, ideally by June 18th.  There are other project tasks that need to occur after June 18th and it would be ideal to have the functional areas completed by then.  The system will still be available for testing after 6/18, but we would like any major functional issues found long before Mock 1 ends so that we have time to address them.

    Self-Service Upgrade (on-prem): The SLU on-premise version of Self-Service (APR2) must be upgraded so that it matches the version of Self-Service that we plan to go-live with in the cloud.   An upgraded version of self-service is available for testing.  The plan is to finish Self-Service Testing by 6/18, then upgrade the version in production the following week, most likely on 6/22.

    ODS (Operational Data Store) Consolidation / Business Objects upgrade:  This work item impacts the reports and queries that departments run.  The consolidation is in its final stages in a test environment, and the IT team plans to finish technical testing by 6/18.  UAT (User Acceptance Testing) of the consolidated databases is currently planned to occur starting the week of 6/21-7/2.  We will be providing a list of SSRS reports that require testing to the Functional Project Leads. The ODS consolidation is scheduled to be completed by 7/9 in conjunction with Mock 1 ending.

    Web Advisor (on-prem): Ellucian is planning the end-of-life for Web Advisor in June of 2022.  All functionality currently in Web Advisor is available in Self-Service and SLU will need to transition away from Web Advisor by that date.  During our Colleague Cloud Migration Mock 2 phase, we plan to upgrade and test Web Advisor in the cloud, however,  there may be some additional interest in some departments to eliminate the use of Web Advisor prior to our 12/2021 go-live.  More to come on this.  No testing for Web Advisor is needed during Mock 1!

    What’s coming up the week of 6/14:

    • Wrap up Functional area 6/18 colleague cloud testing.
    • Finish Self-Service functional testing by 6/18.
    • Identify ODS Consolidation/CROA reports and a testing plan for your area by 6/18.
    • Create a sign-off checklist for Mock 1.