What is changing for me?

New URLs:  The biggest change for most users will be updates to the URLs used to access the Colleague Self-Service (SS), Web Advisor (WA), the Colleague User Interface (UI) environments.  These new URLs will be sent out during our Go-Live event scheduled for Friday, July 29th through Tuesday, August 2nd.

Upgrades to Colleague Self-Service (APR2):  The most noticeable change for many users will happen during the project, well in advance of Go-Live, as part of some updates that are required in advance of the migration to Ellucian Managed Cloud hosting.  As a prerequisite to moving to the cloud, we will be upgrading our Colleague Self-Service Applications from version 2.16 to 2.31.   This upgrade will introduce some new functionality and some minor changes to the user interface.   For those areas using Colleague Self-Service, the project team will be working on updating documentation in preparation for the rollout of these required upgrades.

ODS Consolidation: In preparation for our migration to the cloud we are consolidating the University’s existing four Operational Data Stores (ODS) into a single ODS.  Our operational data stores are used for operational reporting by many offices across campus and are usually used for reporting in the Colleague Reporting and Operation Analytics (CROA) system or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports.  By consolidating our ODS environments into a single instance we will simplify our support requirements and help ensure consistency in reporting across departments.   Note that the changes to ODS are all on the backend.  The ODS consolidation is expected to have no impact on existing CROA reports and little if any impact on existing SSRS reports.