Stream the LMS demos this break!


Happy Friday,

I hope everyone is getting a much needed break!  If you are looking for some great viewing material, you are in luck as the LMS demos are now available.  The video demos from both Canvas and D2L are located in the Sakai “teaching online site” as well as links TO the Sakai site FROM the LMS transition website

We want to hear from campus and the selection committee will need your input to make the best decision for St. Lawrence.  Please, once you have watched both videos take a moment and fill out the survey [see link in email or contact IT]     deadline is October 25. 

I was personally excited about the material both vendors showcased.  It’s exciting to see so many options such as accessibility check, chosen name, calendar integration as well as things that are done by hand now, automated.

Did I mention, free bookstore coffee cards to the 12th, 22nd, 38th, 40th and 67th survey respondents?  Enjoy the weekend and go team SLU!

Smiles and laughter,


René M. Thatcher
Executive Director of Services and Outreach
Information Technology
St. Lawrence University
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