Desk Audit Process

NOTE: An audit reviews the essential skills and tasks of a position; the audit does NOT address issues of quantity of work in a position. If quantity of work is an issue the supervisor(s) would need to work this out by either reducing the workload or making a case for increased staffing through the appropriate budget process with the VP for the division.


1. Employee may request audit or be recommended by supervisor for consideration, by email to HR or use of the “Desk Audit Request Form” on the HR website.

2. HR will check for most recent audit of position.

3. If the check in #2 shows that an audit has not been done so recently that another is not recommended the employee with supervisor(s) will revise the current job description and send the new version to Human Resources. If it is sent to HR by either the employee whose position is being audited or the supervisor(s) HR will assume that the revised job description has been approved by the supervisor(s) as accurate.

4. Auditor will be given a copy of the revised and current job descriptions. The auditor will interview the employee and the supervisor(s).

5. The auditor compares the old and new job descriptions, analyzes the work as described, often with comparison to similar positions on campus, consults interview notes, and makes a recommendation to HR. Final process: If the auditor recommends an upgrade the following happens:
a) The recommendation is reviewed by either the Associate VP or Associate Director for Operations for HR.
b) If the HR review concurs with the auditor’s recommendation for upgrade HR calculates the appropriate back pay, increase in salary for the current year, and annual differential in salary if upgrade is approved. HR requests permission from the VP of Finance, cc’d to the VP of the division of the person who has been audited [who can intervene if the financial situation is a concern], to get clearance to proceed to upgrade. *

6. If approval is granted per b) above HR notifies the incumbent and supervisor and HR handles pay change and back pay issues, and change in status record.

* What would happen if either VP at this point said no? The responsibilities of the incumbent would have to be adjusted so that that person’s compensation is in line with the position level as designated, hence removing some of the duties or level of operation that earned the recommendation for upgrade.